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Date : 2023-12-30

Designer / Author : Ali Salmanizadegan

CodeArt Engine will use artificial intelligence from now on.

🔷 CodeArt AI

The CodeArt team is going to start a new project called CodeArt AI as a completely open source from the CodeArt project subset, which includes more than 10 separate CodeArt Engine projects. CodeArt AI is supposed to use artificial intelligence to help users design games.
be placed One of the goals of this artificial intelligence is auto-level generation, which will make the level design process much easier.
Interested friends are invited to send us a message or share this post to participate in this project and to develop the Iranian codeart game engine so that other developers can participate.

Necessary specializations include:
Proficiency in C# language
Proficiency in C++ language
Mastery of PHP language

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Designer / Author

Ali Salmanizadegan

CodeArt Engine Developer

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