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Ali Salmanizadegan

Ali Salmanizadegan

CodeArt Engine Developer

I am Ali Salmanizadegan, interested in games and game development
Since elementary school and middle school and familiarity with computers, I became very interested in game development, that's why I started learning
Before I bought a computer, Photoshop software and I learned 3D Max to a familiar level, in my first year of high school, I started programming with QBasic language under DOS, meanwhile, most of my time was spent playing games or on the computer, my favorite games were Counter and General. After the inquiry, I went to the C language, after that I started working with Visual C Plus Plus, I followed everything for game development, I was very interested in math, geometry and physics, I started making game engines in my second year of high school.
All my time was spent on games, game making, 3D design or programming, anyway, I was accepted to the university of my favorite field, which is software engineering
Since then, many projects from I implemented games and game engines to Windows and Android applications or even web and 3D design and modeling for companies and organizations.
I am still eager to develop CodeArt's software and game engine and fix its bugs (: