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The 13th Iran Digital Media Exhibition

Date : 2023-02-02

Designer / Author : Mohammad Amini

The presence of codeart Enjin team in Tehran digital media exhibition 2023

The presence of CodeArt Iranian game engine in the 13th National Exhibition of Digital Media; We, as the CodeArt game engine team, are proud to welcome you dear ones at the capital's digital media exhibition.
Therefore, we invite those who are interested to warm our booth in this exhibition with their presence and have a friendly chat about the world of games and computer games. If you have ever wanted to meet us in person, this exhibition is a good opportunity for us to meet. is yours
So, according to the schedule of this exhibition, from the 5th day of February 2023, corresponding to the 16th of Bahman 1401, until the 8th of February 2023, corresponding to the 19th of the year 1401, we are waiting for you, dear ones, at the permanent place of international exhibitions in Tehran, at the address of Imam Khomeini's prayer hall.
What is going on in our booth?

In our booth, we plan to display the graphic interfaces of the game engine, the history of the creation and the software of the first version of the word builder (world builder), the registration of new users and answering the questions of the previous users who have been with us during this time. are and...

On the day when Mr. Ali Salmanizadegan will be present, we will talk about graphic engines and he will also answer the specialized questions of game industry activists.

And the special parts of this exhibition

Content production technologies

Knowledge base and creative industries

Digital book

New media

Content producers


Organizations and institutions

Content delivery platforms

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Designer / Author

Mohammad Amini

CodeArt Game Developer

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