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Kohan Zamir

Date : 2023-01-23

Designer and Author : Mohammad Amini

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The scheme of the Kohen Zamir game first came to the mind of one of our team members in 2021-2022 during a pleasant autumn evening. The whole story was that he participated in page challenges of one of the famous songwriters of the country every day. Every day, the songwriter of our story asked the followers to directly reply the synonym of the word they see in the story. The same issue made our creative friend think, right when he was struggling with this challenge and was finding a synonym for one of the songwriter's everyday stories, he felt a light bulb on his head and said: "I fell " The game that I have been wanting to make for some time can definitely be this, a game to remember old sentences that, while preserving the ancient and sweet Persian language, is also a kind of exercise for the mind and includes a form of a word table. So this is how an attractive and exciting game that is also cultural and can even be used as an educational reference for literature in schools and language schools was created... Wait for the release of the first version, the beta version of this game on this page of our website smile We see you in the oldest layers of your mind.

Designer and Author

Mohammad Amini

CodeArt Game Developer

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