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CodeArt Team in CTEX 2023

Date : 2023-02-13

Designer / Author : Mohammad Amini

This year, our team was given this honor to be with you dear ones at the CTEX exhibition in the capital of Iran, the metropolis of Tehran

A warm greeting to the dear followers of CodeArt Engine
This year, this honor was given to our team to be with you dear ones at the CTEX exhibition in the capital of Iran, the metropolis of Tehran.
This period of the exhibition was the 13th period of holding the exhibition of digital media, culture, technology, smart life in 2023.
Certainly, for us people in the game industry, such exhibitions are attractive and fun in themselves, let alone that a game engine, which is a tool for making lovely games, is also present in it... I put myself in the place of the customers of the CodeArt booth, it was really pleasant to find out that a new game engine has been released to the market, and this game engine is also present in the exhibition that I am watching now, and I have the chance to attend such an exhibition. Let me know about this news first hand.
The previous paragraph is the love that we really received from you, the dear and unique customers of CodeArt, as a member of the team, I was thrilled every moment when I watched the result of our years of effort delighting our companions at the exhibition. And the other thing is that the dear friends of CodeArt were willing to spend many long minutes in the booth and it was very attractive for them and they wanted to know more about this emerging engine.
In this exhibition, the professional game makers of Iran gave us very valuable and detailed opinions, which we are sure will be fruitful in the advancement and strength of CodeArt Engine in the future.
The power and beauty of the games made by the Iranian game maker guys was clearly felt, there is no sense to make a tool for such knights.
Whatever we can say about the beauty of the moments we had with the fans of CodeArt booth, we have not said enough.
This opportunity was a good time to meet you dear ones, which doubled our energy and motivation to serve you dear ones more and better.
If you were a visitor to our booth at this exhibition, we would be happy if you could share your feelings with us in the comments of this post.
Thank you for your warm and unique presence, dear companions and sympathizers 🙏⚘

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Designer / Author

Mohammad Amini

CodeArt Game Developer

Comments :

رهام و اروین

2023-03-18 17:08

سلام خدمت تیم سازنده کدآرت
لطفا در نسخه های بعدی این قابلیت رو اضافه کنید که بدون برنامه نویسی بازی بسازیم
با تشکر

Ali Salmanizadegan

[ Reply رهام و اروین ] 2023-03-18 19:49

سلام ممنونم از نظرتون
در بخش اکشن ادیتور میتونید با استفاده از اکشن ها روند بازی رو مدیریت کنید، در نسخه های بعدی ما انواع اکشن های آماده رو قرار میدیم تا براحتی بتونید بازی خودتون رو در کمترین زمان و بدون کد نویسی طراحی کنید


2023-03-19 00:20

واقعا خوشحال شدم که روز به روز دارید پیش رفت میکنید
بی صبرانه منتظر آپدیت جدید هستم کی میاد؟؟؟
من از این موتور استفاده کردم و میشه گفت موتور بسیار ساده و مناسب برای افراد مبتدی هست
ولی اگه امکانات را بیشتر کنید و فیزیک بازی های شوتر اول شخص را به موتور اضافه کنید و گرافیک رو افزایش بدید فوق‌العاده میشه

Ali Salmanizadegan

[ Reply سلام ] 2023-03-19 08:22

سلام خیلی ممنونم از لطفتون
امشب یا فردا آپدیت جدید میذاریم یکسری قابلیت جدید اضافه شد و یکسری باگ هم برطرف شده
در روز های عید هم آپدیت بعدی رو میذاریم که از فیزیک خودرو ها پشتیبانی میکنه
و یکی یکی مواردی رو که گفتید در آپدیت های بعدی اضافه میکنیم