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Publishing Game Engine

Date : 2022-09-18

The game engine will be released soon

Due to the fact that a lot of time has been spent on the development of the game engine, we are still fixing its shortcomings and we have disabled the download link of the game engine so that the software reaches a better point and then we will activate it for download. We will publish the first edition in October 2022.

Comments :

امیرحسین طباطبایی

2022-09-21 00:26

لعنتی زود بدین بیرون من دنبالشم :) گوردت دست انجین ایرانیاس

Ali Salmanizadegan

[ Reply امیرحسین طباطبایی ] 2022-09-24 23:30

چشم حتما تموم تلاشمون رو میکنیم 🌹