CodeArt Engine

Codeart3D on GitHub

Cross Platform

- Windows, Android & iOS support


- Support for the Bullet physics engine
- Built-in simple viecle physics engine for strategy games


- Different brushes for sculpt and paint terrain
- Support for heightmaps
- Shadow clouds


- Support for different 3D, image and sound formats
- Design road, river, terrain
- Create screen, objects, light, camera, skybox, skydome and particle system
- Define pthes
- Support for C# language

3D API Support

- DirectX, OpenGL and OpenGL ES support.
- Support for vertex and fragment shaders, HLSL and GLSL

Particle System

- Fire, smoke, water, explosions, Aura and etc

Light and Shadow

- Support for shadow map and shadow volume for point and directional lights

Artificial Intelligence

- A routing algorithm to find the shortest path and direct a group of objects to the final destination.


- Text rendering (Support for Multibyte Character Sets)
- Built in Button, Image, CheckBox, Progress Bar and custom them

Terrain Builder

- Old version of Editor for design terrain

2D Games

2D Game making with CodeArt game engine